• About radiation

About radiation

Humans are exposed to different types of radiation every day, which can cause a risk of harming your body, health, and well-being. There are different types of radiation and intensity. Ionizing radiation is a very high-energy radiation that can strip electrons from the atoms it hits, turning them into positively charged ions and is produced when radioactive substances decay. This type of radiation has a negative impact and can cause damage to your body cells. Another more common type of radiation is microwave radiation that we get exposed to when we, for example, use our mobile phones. Microwave radiation can affect our nerve cells and cause side effects such as stress, impaired sleep, and depression.

With Soek's Ecovisor F4, you can easily measure if you are surrounded by ionizing radiation. You can also use it to measure radiation levels from other sources, including radon, gamma radiation, X-ray radiation, and electromagnetic radiation. The meter has multifunctions in the form of a graphic display that shows radiation levels over time, a sound and light warning for high radiation levels, and the option to save the measurement data for later analysis. The Ecovisor F4 is useful for people who work with radiation or want to monitor radiation levels in their home or work environment.


Read more about Ecovisor F4 here or contact us for more information!

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